Can teams attend?

Teams can attend all of our camps. Please see contact details in the camp details.

 What is the camp refund policy?

More than 30 days out: A full refund or camp credit will be issued to you (minus a $100 administrative fee for camps/$25 administrative fee for clinics) if for any reason you must cancel your Sean Huiet Volleyball Camp registration. Credit is good for the current season. Sean Huiet Volleyball Camp reserves the right to cancel a camp for any reason without prior notice. In this case, full refund is given for all monies collected by Sean Huiet Volleyball Camp only. Sean Huiet Volleyball Camp will not be responsible for refunds on airline flights, hotel reservations, or other incidental fees incurred in conjunction with the Camp.


Less than 30 days out: No refunds will be given.


 What forms are required in order for my child to participate?

You must have a current physical and proof of insurance to participate in camp. There is no specific physical form, whatever your doctor gives you will be fine. If you do not have a copy of a current physical you can sign a waiver allowing your daughter to participate.

 What items should my child bring to camp?

  • Linens, Blanket & Pillow
  • Towels, Washcloths & Soap
  • Personal Toiletries & Alarm Clock
  • Plenty of Comfortable Shorts & T-Shirts
  • Socks & Playing Shoes: Wear court shoes that are already broken in; with such intensive training in a short period of time, new shoes can cause blisters.
  • Knee Pads
  • Spending Money: Camp Store, Souvenirs, Pizza, Concessions
  • Swimsuit & Casual Clothes for the Dorm

 Where and when is check in?

Check in information will be communicated via email and the website at least one week prior to the start of any camp or clinic.


 How do I get to camp?

Follow I-35 South to San Marcos, take exit #207 / #206. Stay on the access road. Merge right onto Aquarena Springs Drive / Loop 82. You will pass two traffic lights and cross over a railroad track. Bobcat Stadium will be on your left. After the railroad tracks park in the lot to your left. You can then walk to Strahan Coliseum located just down Aquarena Springs Drive across Charles Austin Dr.

Follow I-35 North to San Marcos, take Exit #206 (Aquarena Springs Drive / Loop 82). Turn left on Aquarena Springs Drive / Loop 82 going under I-35 towards the University. You will pass three traffic lights and cross over a railroad track. Bobcat Stadium will be on your left. After the railroad tracks park in the lot to your left. You can then walk to Strahan Coliseum located just down Aquarena Springs Drive across Charles Austin Dr.

 What meals are provided?

Meals are ONLY provided for our Bobcat Experience Camp.


Overnight Campers

Day 1 – Dinner

Day 2- Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Day 3- Breakfast



Day 1 – Dinner

Day 2- Lunch – Dinner

 Will there be a medical staff at camp?

Yes there will be athletic trainers on duty.

 How do I register?

In the "CAMPS" tab above select the camp(s) you want to register for by clicking the ADD button and follow the directions from there. You can also mail in the form in the "FORMS" tab and pay by check or money order.

 How do I pay?

Secure online payments are available via Credit Card online through this website or If you are paying by check or money order you must fill out and mail in a hard copy of registration form.

 How do I know if I'm confirmed for camp?

Upon completing registration you'll receive a confirmation email with important camp information and a receipt of your purchase.

 Can I stay overnight?

Only our Bobcat Experience Camp has an overnight option.

 Can I room with a friend?

Yes. You can give us your roommate preference and we will insure that you stay with her. Due to fire code, only 2 athletes per room. If you do not have a roommate preference, we will provide one in your age range.

 Do I need spending money?

We will have a camp store and concessions available daily.

 What if I lose my money?

We will be selling Boko Bucks at registration. This is basically a camp bank that you put your money in. Refunds over $5 will be made at the end of camp. There is NO reason to carry around a lot of money at camp! Boko Bucks are the safest and surest way your money is protected.

 Do I need insurance?

Yes, there is a place in the online registration process or registration form that you include your insurance information.

 Can I bring my own car?

If you have your driving license, yes. However, we will ask for your car keys at the beginning of camp and return them at the end. Parking is also very limited. This is for safety reasons.

 Can my parents come and watch?

Yes, your parents are certainly welcome to watch at any time IF there are no distractions and interruptions. We will have a camp tournament the last day of camp that all parents and visitors are invited to attend.

 Can I leave campus?

You can leave campus during camp only if you are accompanied my your parents / guardian or a camp staff member. This is to insure the safety of all campers.

 Where do I eat my meals?

All meals that we provide will be in one of our university dining facilities or catered here to the coliseum.

 Can I bring my cell phone?

You can certainly bring it to camp but we ask that you do NOT bring it to the coliseum during instruction time. You come to camp to learn volleyball and meet friends. You cannot do it if you stay on the phone the whole time.

 What dorm will campers be staying in?


 Are Discounts Available?

There will be a Texas State University employee discount rate. All camp and clinic prices may be pro-rated.